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Open Section

D / E

Sandeepa Bevli - 1st Base, UNK Rating

David Benham   - OF / 2nd, UNK

Mark Keerbs    - Infield & RF, 10

Brian Laplante    - 1B / C / OF, 8 (Masters)

Tanner Maier     - SS / 2b / OF, Not Rated

Christopher Martin - P / 1st / Utility, NR

David Spiers     - Infield / Outfield, 12

Lynda Truong     - Utility, UNK Rating


Joe Jaquez             - (C or B) Infield, 14

Ryan McGowan        - Infield / RC / RF, 14

Ryo Unegaki.    -(Masters) Infield / LF RF, 13

Women+ Section

D / E

Angelina Gonzalez  - Infield, Not Rated